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Comparative Statement of Accident India Year Total No. of Accident reported Total No. of Person Injured Total No. of Person Killed Injured Severity * Death Severity ** 2013 486476 494893 137572 101.7 28.3 2014 489400 493474 139671 100.8 28.5 2015 501423 500279 146133 99.8 29.1 West...

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LOK ADALAT The Traffic Police Branch Hqrs. has taken the initiative for disposal of long pending cases/prosecutions with the Ld. Court submitted under the Central Motor Vehicle Act,1988, Central Motor Vehicle Rules,1989 and West Bengal Motor Vehicles Rules,1988 by the District Police/Commisionerates. ...

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SUSPENSION AND REVOCATION OF DRIVING LICENCE The Traffic Police Branch Hqrs. has taken initiative in enforcing the provisions of Section 19 of the Central Motor Vehicles Act,1988 and Section 3 & 5 of the West Bengal Motor Vehicles Rules ,1989  wherein the Superintendent of Police as ‘Licencing...

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